Friday, March 19, 2010

spring please..

I'm trying to not get ahead of myself here. I wake up some mornings and it's 7 degrees and I'm all WooHoo! then the next morning, there is frost. Our garden is looking pretty dry so we are going to dig it up a bit and plant our peas. Sounds like everyone in town has the same idea for this weekend.
The people who take care of the orchard seem to be about done with pruning. I can hardly wait to see the cherries ripening on the trees, the peaches nice and plump!
I was away with my youngest and oldest sons and we were in some farm supply stores and I bought some blue poppy seeds. I sure hope I can get them sprouted and growing. I gather they are a bit harder to get going.
I have lots of flower seeds sprouted now and hope I manage to keep them going until it's time to plant! :)