Sunday, January 24, 2010


I try to do what I can in this small town towards recycling and I compost our kitchen scraps. Plastic film can go but it needs to be clean so you wash it with the dishes in the sink then you have all this wet plastic and what to do with it? I had an aha moment! One of those small laundry hangers.. Another thing I was trying to streamline is washing said plastic bags. One day one of the kids left a sandwich bag in their hoodie pocket and it came through the washing machine, new aha moment. turn them inside out and throw them in with the towels..


I started a few seedling plantings as this winter is starting to mess with my head. It's cold but warm at the same time and we've had very little snow. I fear the real winter weather will kick in in March just as we expect to have spring come in.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

entry #1

I've been reading about Lasagna Gardening and hate having to dig up areas to plant things. I had a lot of the raw material for a trial gardening bed so I thought I'd give it a try. The leaves from the maple tree never got raked up in the fall and with this mild winter, things were thawed out a bit so I raked them up and placed them over the newspapers I'd laid out on the flower bed. We had a cute dalmatian bunny who sadly died last summer and there is a pile of composting straw and wood shavings that were his litter. I gathered that up and added that to the flower bed as well. Then there was the whole bag of rabbit alfalfa pellets that got spread out on top. I hope to add some peat and worm casing as it gets closer to spring.