Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

beautiful days!

This is the first butterfly stepping stone I made with the kit. I thought it turned out quite good. :) 

Then I made this one with the leftover glass.. it's ok but if you see them together, you can tell it's leftovers..

Then there is this poor thing.. We bought some concrete coloring, red, and I mixed this up and poured it. When I went to remove it from the mold it broke completely in half.  I carefully placed it in one of the flower beds so the two halves matched up and will not move it again. There is a 'silver mound' growing there so it may become partially covered. 

this is what silver mound looks like..( this picture is an example, not my own plant) 
I'll try to remember to take a picture of it tomorrow :)

I have planted my sunflowers, the borage and a few other flowers in the ground. 3 of my 5 yellow tomato plants are now in an old wooden apple crate on the porch. I gave one plant to Megan and am going to offer the last one to my friend Kate.  My white pumpkin and zucchini plants are waiting for the garden but if it doesn't get rototilled this week, I might put them in the one flower bed by the house. I still haven't made firm plans for it and it's empty except for a very small rose bush so ...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It has been raining and raining and today was our first nice day. I managed to get a bit of a sunburn on my face, sitting out on the deck visiting my friend Megan.  I have needed to mow the lawn for ages and got it half done when something went wrong with the mower. I'll have to call my dad and get him to have a look.  The buds are coming up on the lilacs and the peonies are doing great.
I made a butterfly stepping stone with a mold my friend Lorrie gave me. I'm going to make more once I remember to get some more glass bits and marbles.
 The sweet peas I planted are coming up a bit sparse so I think maybe one of the packets was a dud so I planted a few new ones in the open spaces.
Not all of my seedlings made it so I have a had to buy a few things from the garden center. I was unsuccessful with the basil, parsley and the chives are not doing as well as they were. It could be they are just drowning so with any luck we will have more dry sunny weather now.