Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silver mound

This is how my silver mound is doing so far this year.

I dug out the side flower bed this afternoon. It's needed a lot of work for a long long time. Someone planted a very what looks like oregano and it's spread into huge clumps all over the place.  There was a lot of grass and other weeds in there as well.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

what is with this weather?

I know we've got it better than some places. Our basement isn't filling with water like friends in Medicine Hat. But the rain.. our garden is half drowned. 3 lettuce plants came up in a whole row, the odd carrot, the bean plants are turning yellow.. We had 2 quite nice days, around 20 degrees with lots of nice sun and then everything changed this evening and we got thunder, lightning and pouring rain again.  Tomorrow is rain again. We are waiting to replant for a few days, see how things go.
I wanted to try and see Comet McNaught  C/2009 R1  but the cloud cover is making it really hard.  The mountains don't really help either..  :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

back flower bed

This is the before picture..  I dug and dug to get the lemon balm out of this flower bed. the whole thing was nearly full of it.
this isn't the best picture as I had to use my cell phone. My love has the camera as they are working on an old bridge and I want to see what they are doing. I keep moving the ceramics around as I can't decide where I want them to stay. Some of the plants are just sprouts still so it will look different again once everything is full size.  The notorious lemon balm is growing along side in the left corner.

Some of our vegetable garden didn't come up. We think it must have drowned so we have to replant the carrots, lettuce, some of the beets. The peas are coming up, some of the beans and my sunflowers. The tomato plants are doing well and I got the cucumbers in the other day. I have a long English cucumber plant in a big pot on the deck as well. At my best friends house we planted a huge row of yellow onions, 1/3 of a row of Spanish and 1/3 of a row of red. I have no idea how long the rows are but I'll work on getting a picture. :)  If my storage works out right, we shouldn't have to buy an onion at the store for a year... LOL  We also have a row of broccoli. We started veggie gardening as just off setting some of the bought groceries, now we are working on growing more of what we actually eat. We are so blessed to have so much land available, between our yard, my father in laws and my best friends. We are going to be sharing around as well.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sun please!

I know I'm not a very good blogger. There are always huge gaps between my entries.. I can blame it on the weather. It was quite nice out and I got the veggie garden planted for the most part. 

The last few days have been really rainy but it worked out great as then we didn't have to water the seeds in, nature did it for us.  I still have to go to my best friends house and plant the onion sets. We were away for a couple days and I was able to finally buy some as our town seems to be completely out of onions to grow. Seed potatoes of all kinds are also very hard to find. Spring came early here and everyone went shopping...

Our peonies are just starting to bloom...

Our lilacs are nearly finished..

new friends are found..

baby peaches are started...

small pine trees are brought home from school...

the sun tried to peek from behind the clouds.. I'm really hoping for some sunny days as I'm now tired of the rain.