Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Fever

silver mound
Our snow is nearly all gone and something bulbish (tulips I think) is coming up in one of the flower beds. I'm curious about what is growing in all these flower beds around the new house. We are settling in nicely. Spreading out.. I will be going to the old house to retrieve a few of my plants next weekend. I don't have room for the whole herb garden so I had to prioritize. The rose bushes, the silver mound.. 
It was a really great day yesterday and I missed most of it, having to sleep. I worked the last 3 nights.  I'm hoping today will be nice as well and I will have a nap and sleep tonight and not miss being outside.
I won't be starting too many seeds this spring but I do have some blue pansies and some summer blooming bulbs I can put in pots. I don't have a veggie garden space here. I may plant at my friends garden. It's so nice to eat veggies you've grown yourself. :)
I've had no time to take a lot of pictures here but I'm hoping to do that soon.

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