Wednesday, May 18, 2011

getting some gardening done

I've never been one for hanging baskets but this year, in the new yard, there are hangers already in place. I bought 2 of these black wire baskets and bought enough plants so they have the same thing inside them. They have started to grow!
I've been building the fairy garden in my mind since before the snow was gone. The little house is a little wooden box I picked up at the dollar store that I painted and varnished. I have glued some little found objects to it. Deciding on a roof was a little harder. In the end I used a small rectangular plate I had that was broken. It has cute scalloped edges. The top was unglazed so I super glued brown glass pebbles to it that I had laying around. I planted a few plants I knew would stay little but I also had seeds for tiny low growing flowers so the bare dirt spots will fill in.
I was a lucky mommy on mothers day thanks to my love and children. I received this raised planter that I've been eye-ing since last summer from a local greenhouse. I was going to build myself one, making mental notes of the wood used but before I knew it, my love had one purchased and my oldest son was called to take it home in the van. All I had to do was decide what I was going to plant in it. So far, along the top is lemon thyme, sage, parsley, onion chives, oregano and that dark maroon pansy. I did plant some lettuce seeds in the left side as I hope to use it mostly for salad fixings. This yard has no veggie garden plot. I'll likely have to decide where I'm going to put the "herb garden" come fall.

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