Thursday, June 23, 2011

garden update

 the cats keep walking through hence the knocked down mushroom.. just asking for trouble from the fairies.. :)
 this isn't current but grown a lot since the first picture.
 I love succulents, they come in so many shapes, forms, colors..
 Vesper and Bubba love spending most of their day outside now that it's warmer
 I love this planter at our local strip mall!!
 this is my all white flowers planting. It has papyrus as it's "thriller" tall planting. I need to get a better picture of it.
my mothers day planter is growing. I have red lettuce and some short carrots, mixed lettuce on the other side..

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  1. I love your garden too, at Canada Blooms one exhibitor was selling those signs. I really should have bought one. There was also another in the series, Shh! fairies sleeping.