Thursday, February 25, 2010


I was outside taking a few pictures this morning but I had to use my cellphone as my love has the camera with him at work. They are fixing a bridge and he shows me what they are doing through the pictures.

Today and yesterday I started pink pampas grass, bee balm, white and red sunflowers. The cats seem to have eaten my sprouted chives so I'm trying again and I also started some oat grass for the cats. I have love lies bleeding seeds on their way and a friend at the greenhouse I love has some of the pink poppy seeds like the ones I lost so she is going to bring some to share with me. (thank you Donna!)

This is the one bench that I have out in the sun porch. I have added more seedling pots since I took the picture.

The little red spikes of the peonies have started to come up :)

We had some sad news yesterday.. a friend has had her baby girl at 33 weeks and there is more wrong than just being early. Something chromosomal and they fear she may not live. Unfortunately they live 10 hours away so I can't go and be of any help to her and her family.


  1. Hi! Thanks for stoppingby my blog. Its nice to 'meet'new people. I hope we can be good friends, I love to hear about your life all the way over there,just loved that picture of the orchard, and the old barn. We dont have barns like that here. I've put you to 'followers' so I can be updated with your blogs.
    Good luck with the seedlings - far to cold here to start any seeds yet!

    Vicky x

  2. I am so sorry about your friend and her baby. I know that must be so hard.