Monday, February 22, 2010

dig dig dig

It was very nice this afternoon so I went out and trimmed down (aka hacked down) the one bush that was out of control. Underneath/beside it is a flower bed so I cleaned that out as well. It was overgrown with lemon balm. I found some crocus, something that may be tulips and the peony I knew was there but was obscured by the bush. I didn't measure it properly but I'm guessing the flower bed to be 6x8 feet and it's a funny shape. I prefer perennials for their coming back year after year but there are lots of beautiful plants that don't make it through our winter. Affording a large amount of plants is another thing. One I'd love to have is Love Lies Bleeding. I think it's neat to look at and it has a great name. :) Japanese maples with the lacy leaves.. My mom would like to have blue poppies so I need to find more seeds. We had some last year but the seeds got drowned. I had some seeds of some very pretty pink poppies but the seeds got spilled in a place I couldn't rescue them from. I got those from the neighbor so I can get more later in the year. I think someone has a plant exchange.. the greenhouse at the college I think so I'll have to check. I have some yellow lilies I could share and I'm growing extra basil. I could trade some of my starts.. I'm really hoping to plant snowdrops in the fall and lots of crocus in the lawn :)

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  1. We can't grow really any of those interesting-sounding plants here, but it is fun to read and them and dream of a warm spring.