Friday, February 26, 2010

weaving fences

I love magazines with cottage, country decorating ideas and themes. A year ago I found a great one, the British edition of Country Living. I love it! :) Something I noticed was the super cute weaved willow fencing. Yesterday and today I've been working on my own version, using the pruned branches of the apple trees that are laying in the orchard right now. I finished this little fence today, adding a green layer made with the sucker branches off the peach trees. I've been raking and pulling weeds and grass from some of the flower beds as not all of them are completely frost free. I'm trying to decided what to do with the rose bush in the front flower bed. Do I dig it up or just prune it? My youngest thought that we should have a picture of me with my fence.

This is how the space looked when we first moved here, basically nothing it. I have a few ideas to what I want to put behind the little fence but haven't quite decided. Nice tall poppies, the bee balm and the pampas grass I think..

I've heard from my friend and they still aren't sure what all is wrong with their baby but it sounds like the Dr's original thought tested negative so maybe just maybe her chances of survival are better.

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  1. Wow. I love that fence....what a beautiful idea. I had hoped to do some sort of fence with my crape myrtle branches....